When does the membership end?

The membership is ongoing and continues throughout the year. You can opt out of the Competition Membership anytime after the first season is completed, with 4 weeks’ notice to give time to replace your spot in the team.

What competition will my child play in?

All Competition Members are entered into a ProBall team that competes in the Easts Basketball League.

Where and when can my child train?

Competition Members and Academy Members both get access to book an unlimited number of classes, allowing them to train up to 7 days per week at UNSW, South Sydney High School, and Moore Park. Each ProBall Team has 1 designated focus session per week.

What happens if I can't play every game?

We encourage attendance to all scheduled games. If you are unable to attend a portion of the season please contact info@proball.com

What happens during school holidays?

The memberships continue to run through school holidays. Members will get exclusive access and discounts on holiday Camps. If you are going away and would like to pause your membership, just give 1 week’s notice and your membership will be ready for when you come back.

Is there team training?

Yes. Each team decides on a focus training time/location which every team member is encouraged to attend. This will take place at one of our scheduled Academy Classes during the week.

Is there girls only training?